The holiday season can be ‘the most wonderful time of the year.”  It’s a time for celebration, reflection and creating rich and nourishing moments with family and friends.  It can also be a time of stress, overwhelm and some pretty funky stuff if family members didn’t get the ‘love and joy come to you’ memo or if you are just needing a little extra self-care yourself. 

Either way-in addition to wrapped presents, traditional holiday comfort treats and plenty of hot cocoa, your holidays (and your life), will be so much more joyful if you remember one thing:  BOUNDARIES!

Let me ask you something:

  • Do you feel guilt around what others want you to do?  Do you envision your holidays looking a certain magical way and if they don’t you feel like you’ve disappointed the people in your life?
  • Are you always feeling obligated to attend certain holiday functions and commit to certain holiday activities?
  • Do you resent other people for ‘wrecking your holidays?” Sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong and making rude comments about your weight or why you don’t come home more often?
  • What comes up for you when your sister-in-law, who outstayed her welcome and drank one too many glasses of wine, starts in on you about how lucky you are that you “married the good brother?”
  • Do you get angry and bitter toward others who cross the invisible lines you’ve set in your head like holiday budget, help in the kitchen, and certain conversations that are taboo (like when your mother-in-law keeps asking when you’re going to make her a grandma), but are too scared to communicate?

If you're saying yes, yes, yes... you're not alone!


What if I told you that your holidays could be different from here on out?

Being a people pleaser, perfectionist is not who you are.  It is something you simply learned.   And it’s holding you back not only from a joy filled and cozy holiday season, but from living the life of your dreams.

Boundaries are where people-pleasing comes to die.  

And in this 90-minute workshop, I'm going to show you a new way, which focuses on your needs, how you want to experience the holidays and what boundaries you need to set for yourself to make that happen for you. 

Let me ask you this….

  • What if you could learn how to say “I’ll pass”  on people-pleasing and busyness, and YES to the things that nourish you like-relaxing, being present, beautiful holiday traditions, and soaking up sweet coziness and nostalgia of the season? 
  • What if you knew what YOU wanted and needed and could communicate in a way people would respect and even admire?
  • What if you made yourself and your energy a priority…GUILT-FREE?
  • What if you knew how to stay calm and in charge of your emotions no matter what family hoopla was going on around you?

Join me on Tuesday, November 29th at 6:30pm CST to learn how to bring more peace, comfort and joy into your Holiday Season by setting healthy boundaries and honoring you.


Inside this workshop we will unpack:

  • How to uncover what you really need this holiday season…and beyond (thank you Buzz Lightyear)
  • How to ditch the guilt that often is a sidekick when you first start setting boundaries and being a stand for YOU!
  • How you can set boundaries in a way that feels good to you-the kind of boundaries that aren’t weighed down with guilt, the kind of boundaries that reflect your true desires, the kind of boundaries that support you in experiencing what you actually want this holiday season-despite the kickback you may receive. 

Don’t forget that you can upgrade your ticket and grab a copy of my Healthy Holiday Boundary Workbook and Journal for only $17.

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Meet Krista, Your Personal Boundary Coach

Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert, podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys.  

Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story.  Having spent decades disconnected from herself, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life, despite looking as though she had it all.  Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth.

Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries.  She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create work and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled.