So let me ask you this….What are YOU FEELING and NEEDING as you enter into this holiday season? 

We often do so much and show up so well for everyone else.  Presents perfectly wrapped, the holiday table looking and smelling exquisite, trying to create the most magical memories for our loved ones.  But often that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted and resentful!

Some of you might even be thinking thinking-”EEEEEK……  “I just want the day to pass as quickly as possible.”

Perhaps you have thoughts such as:

  • “Christmas would be perfect if Drunk Uncle Dan wouldn’t be there.
  • “I wish every holiday didn’t have to be ruined by my obnoxious know it all mother in law-she always makes me feel like I do everything wrong.
  • “I wish we didn’t have to travel so much and have it feel so chaotic.” 
  • “ I wonder how long it will take Grandpa Bob to bring up the current state of affairs and have everyone arguing around the table?”
  • “Why do I even have to buy presents for my family members I barely know?”
  • “I wish I didn’t have to entertain everyone for the holidays-no one even helps out in the kitchen.”
  • “How do I get over the guilt of wanting to keep  holidays simple this year?”
  • “I wish I didn’t have to go to my mom’s house where her creepy brother will be-why do I always feel so guilty when I want to say no to being around him?”
  • “Well, I guess I will get in shape after the holidays…”
  • “I hate that in order to have a ‘good' holiday, we have to spend money we don’t have."

The holidays aren’t quite so magical for everyone.  But do we really need to continue riding this emotional holiday rollercoaster year after year?

Instead of continuing this cycle, we can CHOOSE PEACE.  We can CHOOSE JOY.

By being intentional with what we need and desire  along with setting some healthy boundaries for ourselves, we create more space the things that matter most.  For just $17,  inside this workbook, I will show you how. 


Meet Krista, Your Personal Boundary Coach

Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert, podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys.  

Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story.  Having spent decades disconnected from herself, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life.  Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth.

Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries.  She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create work and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled.