It’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” so why are there so many holiday triggers? 

For anyone with a stressful job, an overloaded to-do list or a family history that has left them with some wounds, the demands and people associated with the holidays can be triggering.

One minute, we’re taking care of ourselves and making progress… the next we’re drowning in anxiety, disordered eating, excuses, or feelings of helplessness and resentment.

If you can learn how to navigate your triggers during the holiday season, you can use these same tools to move through your triggers all year through (and after this workshop-I promise, you will even welcome your triggers). 

In this on-demand workshop, you'll discover:

  • What to do when a relative gets under your skin
  • Why we get so triggered - what’s a trigger really about?
  • How to identify whether your strong emotions are coming from the present circumstances or old wounds
  • How to feel good about establishing healthy limits
  • How you can take the anxiety and overwhelm out of the holiday hustle
  • How to move through triggering situations in a way that you feel proud of
  • Taking responsibility for your own choices and life and being empowered to move forward (my process for working with triggers)

Access is only $20


Meet Krista, Your Personal Boundary Coach

Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert, podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys.  

Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story.  Having spent decades disconnected from herself, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life-DESPITE looking as though she 'had it all.' Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth.

Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries.  She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create work and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled.