What will you choose to do with this one wild and precious life? 

~ Mary Oliver

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Are you living to your fullest potential? 

Many times in life we may feel like a rudderless ship: aimless, stuck, or having so many projects that our energy is dispersed and nothing ever gets accomplished. 

At other times, we just don’t know what our purpose is, and if we do have a sense of our calling, it can be hard to actualize it with all the other responsibilities we have in life. 

We often run from thing to thing, distracted, busy, overwhelmed,  terrified to slow down and be still. 

We want to feel different, we want to choose healthy habits, routines and rituals but easily fall back into what is familiar and comfortable to our system. 

We feel guilt and even shame at the idea of slowing down, claiming what matters to us, and giving life a pause to rest and reset.  

However, it is rest and rejuvenation that helps us to cope with the stress in our lives.

In order to show up differently and live a life of depth and purpose, we must DO something different.  We must learn to shift our internal nervous system state by building rituals and habits that support us in the direction we want to go. 

These monthly New Moon gatherings are a vibrant reminder that we have an opportunity to reset and reawaken to all that holds depth and meaning in our lives.

SANCTUARY: A place of refuge or safety.

Refuge is not escaping from life-it is turning toward. Turning toward what is and turning toward community. Most of us love retreats and vacations because we are looking for refuge. We are hoping just for a little while to escape the noise, the chaos the crazy.

But refuge is not stepping out of life. You-me-I....WE ARE LIFE.

And if we keep trying to distract, avoid, stay busy and isolated from true connection, we avoid the inevitable-burnout, stress, anxiety, depression and missing out on this one wild and precious life.

Refuge reminds us of the richness of rituals. And rituals slow us down to the present moment and find comfort in ourselves.

This is why I created Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is your invitation to create refuge in your life. You will learn powerful tools and rituals to retrain your nervous system and soothe your soul so you can plant new seeds of what’s possible for your life, all within a safe and loving community…because healing doesn’t happen alone. 

The New Moon is a time to initiate New Beginnings.  It is a time to set intentions to cultivate the courage to share our authentic selves and gifts with the world, and to know what we stand for and how to express it in a way that is unique to us.  

Our practice helps us to alleviate the inner chaos.  Our practice takes place moment to moment in our lives.  Things shift when we learn to meet our body where it is without judgment and criticism and build nourishing practices to lead and love with more grace and ease.

Join me, Krista Resnick - restorative yoga teacher, master life coach and brand new empty-nester for a time of rest, rejuvenation and re-imagining.  

For much of my life, I searched for and craved refuge. I tried to buy my way, please my way and push my way to it, never really understanding that it was always there, inside of me. I had it all along.

Monthly, we will focus on a topic, a word or mantra to guide us into a deeper exploration and study of self.  We will explore practical tools to create refuge in our lives- breathing exercises, stillness, meditation and of course, restorative yoga.

All of this will have an emphasis on the nervous system and polyvagal theory because we cannot think our way out of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.  We must meet the body where it is and align our physiology to support any habit change and cultivate a life of purpose and potential. 


  • A monthly slow-flow and restorative yoga class
  • A monthly group coaching call where you can get your questions answered and learn from fellow students
  • A quarterly book club
  • Plus lots of extra monthly content to go through at your own pace and leisure.

I designed this offering as a way for us to be in safe and supportive community with one another as well as a springboard for you to be inspired both on and off the mat without having to register every month for new practices.  I also wanted to include a space for women to build community and friendships, because life and our healing should never be done alone.

My monthly membership gives you access to online offerings, community, plus tools and practices to nourish your nervous system and overall health.  

I hope you’ll consider joining.

*Doors to Sanctuary open on Monday, February 19th. *

Save your spot and join today.

What Clients Say About Working with Krista...

Working with Krista unlocked in me the realization that I am whole and gave me the language to explore who I am and articulate who I want to be. It was a profound few months, giving me tools and a fuller expression of myself and my purpose that I have continuously come back to for over two years now. I went back to Krista in a recent 1:1 session when I identified that I needed more support, specifically around boundaries. In one hour she gave me more than ten tools to work through my challenges and stand in my power, knowing what I can and cannot control. Krista's authenticity is contagious and inspiring. She is wildly and bravely supportive of her clients, and ensures that you come away with tangible next steps and tools to support you on your journey."

- Maura


"I struggled with feelings of sadness and anxiety. I knew I wanted to create change within myself, but I did not know how. Krista has given me the tools to understand my feelings, shift my energy and make me feel at ease and confident to express myself. I now feel secure and connected. 

Having Krista hold space for me was so healing. She explained my authentic self and my inner child and where they were at odds. I felt TRULY seen, validated, and loved unconditionally in our sessions together. Krista's therapeutic approach allowed me to see the co-dependency that was created, grieve my childhood, and help me to identify the roots of my internal conflict to achieve greater well-being. 

I've learned, 'the work' is to mend what shows up in the present: the old tapes, conditioning, and mind patterns. Krista's feedback, practical tools, and mindfulness exercises were so helpful. Her evidence-based approach to 'parts' work has been an integrative approach to greater self-awareness and healing. I have been able to break my people-pleasing tendencies, enter the flow of my intuition, and have gained a deep sense of trust in myself. I can't thank her enough!"

- S.Y

"I thought I was crazy. Life was spinning out of control and I had no idea what direction to turn to make it stop. I wanted more but I didn't even know what that meant. I was ready to make a change in my life for the better and knew I needed the accountability to make it happen.

I have gained confidence in myself and my vision. I went from doubting, to believing and knowing I could be successful. Not only did I start to believe but I also took action. I have tools in my toolbox to work through the challenges life throws at me while also having tools to focus on enjoying life. The work I did with Krista was life-changing and earth-shattering. I definitely feel like a different person than when we started working together."
- Stefani

"Working with Krista has been transformational. I have been working on myself for many years and within 6 months of working together, I have many tools and resources to call on. Krista guided me to find out who I am and narrowing down my purpose. She helped me to get rid of the things in my daily life that do not support me and take me away from the direction I desire to go in life. I wanted to break the cycle of feeling lost, stuck and wanting to just stay in bed and I did. Now I am playing new messages in my mind and relying upon the many tools that are now I have to improve any situation."
- Katy