We’ve all heard the phrase,

“You’re your own worst critic.”

But do you understand where that harsh inner critic comes from?

That voice says some MEAN (and usually untrue) things. 

Nine times out of ten that voice comes from someone you heard at a young age… yes, usually a parent or caregiver. And they might have even been well-intentioned, not wanting you to get hurt or wanting you to succeed.

Their criticisms may not have even been as harsh as the ones you dish out on yourself now. You’ve just gotten really “good” at them.

That inner critic can cause all kinds of trouble. Causing you to put up walls, masks, and facades, and keeping you from being vulnerable and open to the very relationships that can bring healing.  It can prevent you from living a life that you crave-a life full of aliveness and pleasure- a life that feels true to you!

In this 90-minute on-demand coaching workshop you’ll learn:

  • What the inner critic is
  • How the inner critic stops you from living an epic and authentic life
  • Why the tools you’ve probably used in the past to get the critic to quiet haven’t worked
  • The #1 thing you might be doing that drives your inner critic to be even harsher with you (and how to stop it). 
  • Why the inner critic is actually a really beautiful and amazing part of us. 
  • How you can get those critical, demeaning voices to quiet down so you can move forward with building the authentic and amazing life you crave.

Registration is only $20


Meet Krista, Your Personal Boundary Coach

Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert, podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys.  

Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story.  Having spent decades disconnected from herself, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life-DESPITE looking as though she 'had it all.' Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth.

Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries.  She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create work and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled.