How to let go of guilt and start asking for everything you want and need

(even if you’re knees are shaking)

⁠Tuesday, May 16 | 6 - 7:15pm Central


If we as women confidently just asked for the things we wanted and needed, we’d have a lot of happier women in the world.  

We’ve been raised to not ask for seconds at dinner, not ask for the promotion, not ask to send our salmon back at the restaurant when it’s clearly under done.  

Women often don’t ask for help around the house and take on extra roles to avoid appearing bitchy, selfish, pushy, or difficult.  

We owe it to ourselves to recognize that asking for what we want and need isn’t up for negotiation.  

To stop playing the role of good girl means to start asking for what you want.  Period.  

You cannot be an empowered woman while stuffing your needs and wants, dousing yourself down with guilt and unnecessarily apologizing all over yourself wishing that things would be different. 

You are not selfish, greedy or too much for asking to have your needs met.  And if you’re done settling for breadcrumbs (which by now I think you are), then join me inside my next live group coaching call-Overcoming Guilt-3 ways to live guilt free so you can finally start asking confidently for what you need (even if your knees are shaking).

Inside this 90-minute call you will learn:

  • The three different kinds of guilt
  • When guilt can actually be a healthy emotion
  • Why you actually want to pay attention to your guilt
  • How to rid yourself of guilt and move forward into your best and joyous self


Hi, I’m Krista-a master life coach, boundary expert, podcaster, and mother to 3 ‘adult-ish sons.’

I spent much of my life living the role of good girl, playing by the rules of culture and disconnecting further and further from my own nature.  

  • Living by other people’s rules and expectations.  
  • Taking care of partner’s, parents, work, friends only leaving myself with measly little crumbs.
  • Giving my time and energy away and wondering why I was so exhausted all the time.  
  • Demanding perfection from myself not understanding that I was already worthy and whole just the way I was.  

Through my own personal journey of healing work, I now guide hundreds of women across the globe through their own transformation to create and live a life on your own terms.  

I’ll show you how to take back your life, your power, your voice, your independence, your body, your brain so you can re-parent yourself with radical responsibility and compassion.