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Hi, I'm Krista-recovering people-pleaser!

I understand how challenging setting boundaries can be. I also understand the chaos and angst that lack of boundaries can cause in your life. As a child, I wasn't taught how to set healthy boundaries. On top of the fact that my people pleasing/co-dependent patterns ran my thoughts, my emotions, my behaviors.

I said yes when I wanted to say no, I did everything a little bit, rather that whole heartedly (because I was so over-committed), and most of all my relationships suffered greatly. I wanted more space. I craved deeper intimacy. However, my drive to have everyone like me, think I was the nice girl and keep everyone happy left me unhappy, unclear and unfocused. I was anxious and overwhelmed hours out of the day.

I never took a moment to check in with myself and ask what I actually wanted. I simply lived for what other people wanted and needed. Honestly, looking back, if someone would have asked me, I wouldn't have known what I even needed. I was so disconnected from my self and my needs.

When we don't know what we need, we cannot set healthy boundaries.

Now, as a Master Coach dedicated to empowering women all over the world to set healthy boundaries, I'm here to tell you-it's entirely possible to live your God-given potential and speak your truth.

And it starts by Mastering the Art of setting Healthy Boundaries.

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Empower yourself to set healthy boundaries

So you can....


That's right. It's important to know what we want and need in order to set boundaries that work for us. This helps us to be more clear with other people so that they can choose whether or not they be successful with our requests.


Once you know what you need, you can begin to formulate the language around making your requests, asking for your needs to be met which promotes intimacy and depth in your relationships.


When it comes to setting boundaries, it's important that you recognize what you have power over and what you actually don't. Once you identify this, you can begin to develop a plan to move forward. Take action toward those boundaries!

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