Build Better Boundaries

In this two hour interactive workshop, you will learn how to set healthy boundaries and speak your truth.

I believe that boundaries are truly a path to liberation, to freedom, to healthy, intimate and beautiful connection with the ones we love. Boundaries are a way for us to create a strong self of self and show up in our relationships authentically and honestly.


Monday July 18th at 6pm CST/7pm EST

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What: A 2 Hour interactive style workshop dedicated to empowering you to set healthy boundaries in any area of your life.


Monday July 18th @ 6pm CST/7pm EST


Who is it for: For the women who often think thoughts such as these:

  • I don't know what my boundaries are. How do I figure them out?"
  • "How do I set a boundary and be compassionate at the same time?”
  • "What if I hurt the person's feelings when I set a boundary?"
  • “When the time comes to set a boundary, I can never find the right words.”
  • "Setting boundaries makes me feel really anxious and guilty—so I never follow through with the boundary/"
  • "What if they don't like my boundary? If they argue or push back, how can I enforce it?"
  • "I'm afraid of losing people."
  • "I just don't know how to put myself first-it feels so selfish!"
  • Saying 'NO' just feels so wrong!
  • "I don't want there to be any conflict so I will just say yes."

If you said YES to any of these, then this workshop is for you!


Here is what you will walk away learning from this 90 minute interactive workshop.

What is a boundary?

The first thing we need to do is speak the same language when it comes to setting boundaries. We will unpack what exactly a boundary is and why they are so important. Trust me, boundaries are a lot more than simply saying NO. We will talk about the 7 types of boundaries and you will have an opportunity to evaluate some of the boundaries you need to set in your life based on these 7 areas.

How do we know when to set a boundary?

So often we don't even recognize when we need a boundary. We will unpack 4 major signs that a boundary has either been violated AND/OR things to watch for in the future, so you know when to set a boundary. This will be a very effective tool in your toolbox moving forward to set those empowering boundaries. Remember, you deserve to have the space you need and the connections you crave.

Finding the Courage to Set Boundaries

So often we struggle to cultivate the courage to set the boundaries that we need to. We often surrender to guilt or fear, never giving ourselves permission to even set the boundary. We will talk about 3 different tools that you can use to help you ground your boundary into a solid foundation, making it easy for you to set those boundaries and live authentic and free!

Boundary language

By now, we've talked all things boundaries. But finding the words is where the rubber meets the road. Often the language can feel clunky or harsh when we first start setting boundaries. This section of the workshop will help you cultivate the language so you can build a bridge of connection and honesty with your loved ones and even colleagues.



What Participants have to say...

"Krista is masterful in how she explains the in's and out's of boundaries in a way that helps us feel safe and empowered enough to apply them in our own lives. As someone who has newly chosen to learn about how truly clear and healthy boundaries can uplevel my life, Krista has felt like a raft in stormy seas. If this is an area you ned expert help with, you've found your coach."

- Sarah (Wisconsin)

"Krista's Boundaries workshop was an incredible experience. I've already started making changes I cannot wait to do another one."

- Bonnie (Wisconsin)

"Krista was a fabulous speaker for my empty nest moms group! We’re at that age where we’ve raised our kids and are ready for our next adventure, but somehow we end up caring for everyone else: in-laws, siblings, aging parents, grandkids…. The list goes on.
With her presentation, Krista helped us understand when we need to set boundaries, what words we can say to set them tactfully, and what to do when people don’t respect the boundaries we’ve set. Thanks for helping us take back our lives in a guilt-free and confident way!

-Coach Joanne Clark

More Participant Testimonials...

Krista Resnick will change your life!!! I go back to my notebooks all the time, and quote her all the time! Her boundary work is AMAZEBALLS!!! If you’re wondering if you need it, THEN YOU DO!!! Don’t miss this chance to work with her and learn from her for free!!

Cappie (Texas)

Krista is just incredible. From the moment I met her, I could tell she was talented and cared deeply for her clients.  

Working with her, she is  engaging and fun, and articulates in a way that makes it easy to follow along and truly grasp the concept of boundaries and why it's so important, but also HOW to set and stay with them.  She is personable and funny, while having such a n expansive tool box that she knows when and what you need to help you get where you want to go! 

- Trisha (Toronto, Canada)

Hi There!!!

I’m Krista Resnick and I am so thrilled to guide you on your boundary journey.  The last 5 years of my life as a master coach have been dedicated to helping women just like you overcome their people pleasing-codependent and performing tendencies. I watch women come alive, when they feel empowered to set healthy boundaries and speak their truth. Boundaries truly are the key to creating the space you need and connection you crave.

My passion and purpose as a master coach and is to help you embody the truth of who you are.  My mission is to empower YOU with the tools and support to set healthy boundaries because you deserve to live your FULL potential.  

And now you’re invited to join me inside a safe and sacred space of like-minded women all committed to using these tools to set healthy boundaries so you can create the space you need and the connection you crave.