It’s time for me to let you in on a little secret...

It’s not about living by a set of standards and rules that someone else determined for you. 

It’s not about being the perfect woman with no needs whatsoever, that you’ve been trained to be.  

It’s not about being all things to all people and balancing 543 plates in the air.

And it’s not about falling into bed at night exhausted and overwhelmed because you’ve been trying to hold it all together and not ask for help.

Being and living BOLD requires you to understand a new paradigm.

You are here to use your voice, harness your desires and create a life that you are excited to wake up to

Over the course of 5 days, we are going to unlearn many of the outdated ‘good girl’ rules that you’ve subscribed to, so you can start creating what you want in life, relationships and love. 

You’ve landed here because you want something more for your life. 
You’re ready for something to change and you’re ready to let it start with you…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Maybe you’ve read a substantial amount of self-help books or listened to every personal development podcast that exists.  Regardless, I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re hungry for something and when you're hungry for something, you want to change the way you feel.  There’s an emptiness inside you that you want to be filled. 

Bottom Line: 

You want something more for your life.

Imagine if you could….

  • Stay true to yourself when conflict arose rather than react with people pleasing and appeasing.  
  • Say no easily to things and projects that you didn’t want to do or take on.
  • Own your wants and needs and even ask for them to be met…guilt-free
  • Use your voice unapologetically to share your gifts, thoughts, ideas and opinion

What would that mean to you???

I can tell you right now by doing things like taking up space, asking for everything you want and not waiting for confidence before you take action, you are in essence disrupting the narrative of the patriarchy and dismantling the good girl.  

Make no mistake, women’s empowerment is an act of radical rebellion. 

And it’s time to step forward!

So what is the BOLD EXPERIENCE?  

It’s a 5-day combination of a self-led and live experience designed to help you integrate the 5 superpowers that will help you dismantle the toxic patterns of people pleasing, overwhelm and self-neglect so you can start leading in your life, relationships and love.

We start on June 12th.

Each day you will receive a pre-recorded lesson with an action plan designed to help you build awareness AND take action toward the life you want (because around here we believe that action IS key). You will also have 3 opportunities to ask questions and get coached personally by me.

Hosted by:


Master life coach, boundary expert, podcaster, and mother to 3 ‘adult-ish sons.’

I teach and support women to take radical responsibility for their life by dismantling the outdated rules of the 'good girl' and stop the cycle of people pleasing, overwhelm and self-neglect.  

I believe that by  helping women take back control of their power, we can change the world for the better.


“Freedom Lies in Being Bold.”

~Robert Frost

Let’s take a peek at the superpowers you’ll unlock during this

5-day experience...

The Power of Connection

As women who play into the rules of the ‘good girl’ we often live much of our lives in freeze or fawn-all which are helpful when being attacked by a stalker or a tiger, but not for everyday situations.  What happens when you move into one of the dysregulated nervous system states, is that we self abandon.  That means we leave who we truly are (calm, curious, compassionate, confident, wise) for our people pleasing, proving, perfectionistic ways.  When you learn how to connect with yourself in these moments, you learn how to stay with yourself rather than react in a way that isn’t helpful. 

The Power of Your Truth

Every woman who creates a life she loves speaks her truth.  When she learns to speak with honesty, she lives a life of integrity and peace.  She begins to draw in experiences and people who all support her in her truth and align with where she is headed in life.  Master this and your life will never look the same moving forward-in every good and delicious way.  

The Power of Owning Your Needs

Under the foot of the patriarchy is a good girl who compromises her own needs and desires in order to fit in and be accepted, by playing the role of peacekeeper.  Ultimately what you give up is your own personal fulfillment and power.   As we face off with the good girl paradigm, we learn to get curious about and eventually stand for our needs.  When you start to prioritize your needs, you gain time and energy which helps you to contribute to the world and your destiny.

The Power of Asking For Anything 

Ever wonder why women are so afraid to ask?  One of the rewards for being good in our culture is that we get to be labeled as nice.  And culture LOVES a nice girl-not a strong, ambitious, passionate or determined girl…but a nice girl.  Whether it’s wanting to be a good mother, good wife, good boss, good employee, good daughter we all have the need to appear good.  We are so afraid of being rejected, worried of  what others think of us and not wanting to be the topic of the latest hot gossip.  However, when we ask for what we need, everything changes.  Asking catapulted us into a place of worthiness and value.  It takes us out of resentment and victim mentality and places us right in the seat of empowerment.  The art of asking cultivates a lighter energy around us and helps us to step into our worthiness and personal power.

The Power of Boundaries

Oh the dreaded boundary conversation.  I can hear it already, “But do I really have to set boundaries…it’s so hard!”  The answer is YES!   Any woman who wants to start speaking her mind and owning her strength needs to set healthy boundaries.  The world doesn’t need more burned out busy women.  It needs more women willing to stand in their truth and owning their boundaries.  The world needs women who are present to their one wild and precious life.  This is where our potency lives-inside our boundary lines.  Boundaries help us decipher what really matters to us and then create a guardrail owning and protecting our precious time, energy and resources.  

Ready to start harnessing your desires, owning your voice

and leading a life that feels really good to you?